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Mi Pueblo’s committees are made in a way to allow you to be involved in an area of your interests. You are welcome to join any committee and can join more than one! Each committee is led by two chair members who sit on the Mi Pueblo Cabinet Board. Below you can find the committee descriptions along with their primary functions.


Led by Emily Hernandez and Valeria Borthayre,

our Comunidad Committee is all about community service. Comunidad focuses on creating events such as fundraisers that support Latinx causes at a university, local, and state level. In joining Comunidad Committee, you have the opportunity to help and create fundraiser for our comunidad. You can join our Comunidad Committee GroupMe here.


Led by Lizbeth Ramos Rodriguez and Gisselle Castro,

our Cultura Committee is all about promoting Latinx culture. Cultura focuses on creating and organizing events that celebrate and incorporate our diverse culture. In joining Cultura Committee, you have the opportunity to help create cultural events, in specific Carnaval, our Latin Heritage Month closing event. You can join our Cultura Committee GroupMe here.


Led by Nicole Hudson Pineda and Yasmin Cervantes Servin,

our New Expresiones Committee is all about Latine visibility and community at UNC through all art forms. Expresiones focuses on creating a space for students to express themselves artistically on campus through music, dance, creative writing, and much more. You can join our Expresiones Committee GroupMe here.


Led by Obdulio Vasquez Bonilla and Aislin Saray Sanchez,

our Health in Action Committee is all about student health and awareness. Health in Action focuses on improving physical and mental wellness while incorporating ideas that allow us to express our Latinidad. Some of our events through Health in Action include Cascaritas and Reto y Recetas. You can join our Health in Action Committee GroupMe here


Led by Bryan Sorto and Alan Rojas Rodriguez,

our Political Action Committee is all about advocating and uplifting Latinx voices at UNC and beyond. Political Action focuses on tackling political issues impacting the Latinx community at UNC and across NC. Some of our events through PAC include a voter registration drive and a Latinx townhall just to name a few. You can join our Political Action Committee GroupMe here.


Led by Edgar Torres Hernandez and Sandra Tomas Reynoso,

our Social Committee is all about socializing and bonding. We know that school can be tough and stressful. That is why Social focus on providing a space for students to come de-stress, socialize with others and to create friendships. You can join our Social Committee GroupMe here.

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