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Welcome to Mi Pueblo

Lo que nos une


Your home away from home.

Mi Pueblo at UNC seeks to sponsor awareness around Latinx issues, culture, and heritage at Carolina and its surrounding community and provide a supportive and welcoming space for all students.

We are Latinx-based, but not Latinx-exclusive.

We welcome any and everyone who would like to be a part of this family and look forward to helping find a place for every person, skill, and passion at UNC.


Mi Pueblo’s Vision 23-24

Mi Pueblo Vision for 23-24 Pushing P: Poder Para El Pueblo

Our Committees

Mi Pueblo’s committees are designed to offer you the opportunity to engage in areas that interest you. Feel free to participate in any committee or even join multiple ones! Each committee is overseen by two chair members who hold positions on the Mi Pueblo Cabinet Board.

Here, you can find the committee descriptions along with their primary functions.


Cultura Committee Logo

Promotes Latinx culture.

Focuses on creating and organizing events that celebrate and incorporate our diverse culture such as Carnaval and Noche Latinx.


Expresiones Committee

Promotes Latine visibility.

Focuses on creating a space for students to express themselves artistically through all art forms including music, dance, creative writing, and much more.

Health in Action

Health in Action Committee Logo

Promotes student health.

Focuses on improving physical and mental wellness while incorporating ideas that allow us to express our Latinidad such as Cascaritas and Reto y Recetas.

Political Action

Political Action Committee

Promotes student advocacy.

Focuses uplifting Latinx voices at UNC and beyond through zdvocacy of political issues impacting the Latinx community at UNC and across NC.