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Mi Pueblo at UNC seeks to sponsor awareness around Latinx issues, culture, and heritage at Carolina and its surrounding community and provide a supportive and welcoming space for all students.

We are Latinx-based, but not Latinx-exclusive.

Mi Pueblo was founded on UNC’s campus in 1990 and has maintained a strong presence on UNC’s campus. Below you can find a little about Mi Pueblo’s history.

Mi Pueblo began as the Carolina Hispanic Association or CHispA in 1990.

It was founded by Colombian student Catherine Lindsay. CHispA would host weekly meetings where guest speakers would often come to discuss topics concerning the Hispanic community. As number of Latinx students at Carolina grew in the 1990s and 2000s, CHispA expanded to include several subgroups, including a contemporary Latin dance team (Que Rico), an a cappella group (Canto Libre), and a group that offers free Salsa dance classes (Salsa Sentido).


In 2018, the leadership team of CHispA voted to change the name of the Carolina Hispanic Association to Mi Pueblo.

Mi Pueblo came about in an effort to reflect the community’s vision to be more modern and inclusive. The name “Mi Pueblo” was chosen because it encompasses our sense of community and unity. The logo we know and love today was designed by the Director of Communications in 2018, Elizabeth Ordoñez, and NC State student Holly Dinh.

Today, Mi Pueblo continues to be an organization focused on the enrichment and growth of Latinx students on UNC’s Campus.